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welcome to the kyttens club.
We are glad to see you here!
come join us!
to join, please click the Join Us! page to start.
Wanna know why you should join?
First you can buy some toys in the toys shop using your kytten munny, you get 100 kytten munny as a reward that you have joined and if you join the staff group you can get 50 bonus kytten munny salary each week!You can also submit kyttens at the forum. just post a piccy of your kytten and name it, the description too! where do you post it? well at the general forum, submit kyttens. plus, You can have your own houses, well you need to buy some furniture to decorate your house. you start with a plain house.(not anymore) You get an award if you are an active member such known as a silver member.


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Comment posted by Emma ( hulfl001wsgfl.org.uk ), 06/29/2008 at 7:56pm (UTC):
I love this site! It is full of kittens! YAY!

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hello! want to submit kytten pics? just goto the forum and register, then make a new topic in the kyttens topic, now then you can put the picture in it thanks! ~nata
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